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At the Pain Clinic of Michigan, we believe in taking each patient’s individual needs into account first before exploring various pain treatment options. For some patients, it is as simple as managing medications properly or exploring physical or chiropractic options, while for others we may explore alternative options available from an interventional standpoint. For most people, a combination of medical management along with intervention helps to maintain pain levels at a minimum.

We will coordinate and work with all your physicians to establish a comprehensive treatment program to provide maximum pain relief and improve your quality of life. This is always our goal.

We also believe in always making ourselves accessible to you, should you need us. While the Pain Clinic of Michigan has many trusted and highly qualified secondary health providers there for you, you can always reach one of our certified pain physicians. This is important to us. We invest in our relationship with you so that you can relax and focus on bettering your quality of life.If you suffer from pain and would like to explore your options for pain relief, please call the Pain Clinic of Michigan for a consultation. We are always happy to help you take those first steps to improving the quality of your life. We accept a variety of insurance programs, including Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, HAP and Priority Health. Please call to inquire if your insurance plan is one of our currently accepted plans. We are associated with The Oakland Surgi-Center next our Rochester Location, a surgery center that offers the latest in high-technology support of our treatment options for the management of your pain.

If you would like more information or to schedule a consultation, please call us at (586) 977-PAIN (7246).

schedule an appointment: (586) 977-PAIN
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